Why Choose LittleSmasher?

Be it the creation of the RSS feed for your already-recorded audio or the total start-to-finish process of planning and creating your series of episodes from scratch, LittleSmasher can help you get your podcast published and subscribable.

We help you plan, write, present, record, edit, and optimise the audio in your podcast. We upload the files to your webspace leaving you in control of downloads stats. We can then publish the audio to the popular podcast directories, like iTunes.

Read what our clients Say About Us...

Brunel University

"Brunel University has been working with LittleSmasher since September 2006 when we launched our Brunel Podcasts for prospective students to find out more about the University. It’s proved to be a great communication tool to provide information about the interesting courses, facilities and student life we have on offer at Brunel. Our prospective students get to hear directly from our current students and lecturers exactly the type of experiences that are awaiting them."

"Working with LittleSmasher is easy and enjoyable. We provide an outline script for each episode and tell them what we would like to be covered. They then come onto campus to do the recording and all we have to do is listen to the podcast before it's released to approve it. LittleSmasher even deal directly with our technical staff when it's time to post the audio to our website"

Amanda Hall - Brunel University Marketing, London

Lights For Learning

"...what a "FANTASTIC" job you made of the Philippines podcast... was very impressed... could tell straight away that you were a professional broadcaster"

"It brings what we do home and makes it more tangible to those that donate, as it is the people that are benefiting from the lights that are speaking. Photos can do so much, but they are just images. This makes it more 'human' if you know what I mean - it adds a new dimension. That is a fantastic thing to be able to do."

Peter Genet - Project Manager, Lights For Learning, Wiltshire


"...enabled us to reach out to our customers and showcase the safari itineraries and experiences we have to offer allowing us to better position ourselves in the tourist market. The quality of the content and production brought us closer to our clients and suppliers providing an interesting audio teaser that could be passed around our audience. It was fun and simple to make and really showed off, not only the personality of our rangers, but our unique offering in a very professional manner. Truly a better way of getting our marketing message across than just using traditional industry magazines

"LittleSmasher were fantastic to work with. They took the outline of what I wanted and turned it into ideas that would place audio at strategic places in our website. The presenter was an expert interviewer and edited the results so well and without fuss that he turned the audio he captured into marketing gold. I can tell that my clients have listened in as they are so much more aware and engaged in what they want from their dream vacation. It's like having your own company Radio channel running your programme all the time"

David Manttan - Kruger2Canyons.com, South Africa


"For our last studio album, Booster8, LittleSmasher's podcasting and social media strategy more than doubled our online following. It involved weeks of preparation and release dates of short interviews and general mucking about in the studio to keep the fans entertained in the build up to launch date. It gave us licence to try things out and give our session musicians some air time and for us to show our appreciation of our producer."

LoopyTheBand, Valley Studios, Winchester


"Really enjoyed the training it gave me excellent ideas as to how we can use podcasting throughout the school in a variety of ways. We are now looking towards having our own podcasts being played directly on to the playground for parents. The training was set at a good pace and I particularly enjoyed practicing the skills of recording. Can I thank you for helping Somers Park Primary School in reaching the first stage of a new and exciting adventure!!!"

Tracey Woods - Languages Teacher, Portsmouth