LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations.

Founded in December 2002 it is mainly used for professional networking.

When LittleSmasher started working with LinkedIn they reported more than 175 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories.

LittleSmasher worked with the LinkedIn Recruiter Specialist, Chris Brown, to get the right message across to companies using their Recruiter product.

Brunel University

The UK's first professionally produced Higher Education podcast. This podcast’s success has meant that it has continued into its 3rd series whilst receiving plenty of coverage in the online Higher Education community. It has also built up a thriving facebook following - managed by LittleSmasher.

LittleSmasher.com had a free reign on the creative content of this podcast. Incorporating the key points which Brunel needed to get across, the scripting, jingles, beds and musical punctuation were all created or sourced by LittleSmasher.com.

On-site vocal delivery tips and pointers were also provided by an experienced presenter/performer making the Brunel University staff voices sound as professional as possible.

Lights For Learning

LittleSmasher brings sound to the charity that brings light. Producing lighting systems for places of education where there is no safe artificial light available, LightsForLearning took LittleSmasher on one of their overseas projects to record the sounds of the environs in which the lighting systems are fitted: including the interviewing of locals, beneficiaries and dignitaries as well as the volunteers working for the charity.

These documentaries are seen as an excellent tool to inform donors and encourage potential donors of how the money is being used to improve the opportunities for children around the world. Recordings are also used to encourage governmental cooperation within these countries.

Earl Okin

LittleSmasher provides the 'Musical Genius & Sex Symbol' with his own channel to entertain his following...

Earl holds the Guinness World Record for the number of shows performed at the Edinburgh festival. A talented musician and a very funny performer, Earl entertains thousands of people every month with his busy gigging schedule around the world.

LittleSmasher podcasting has enabled Earl to keep in touch with those people who have enjoyed his performances by cutting through the usual deluge of emails and social networking updates that his online friends have to deal with every day. It's like he has his own broadcast channel dedicated to his fans.


LittleSmasher brings the safari experience closer to the website visitor... Kruger2Canyons wanted their website to stand out from the crowd of other Safari websites. LittleSmasher enabled the company to introduce their safari rangers, guides and service providers to their potential clients.

All recordings were made on location in the bush, interviewing experts in the field of Game tracking, birding, botany, reptiles, 'adrenalin activities' and the UNESCO biosphere partnership in the area. The audio created has been strategically placed around the pages of the Kruger2Canyons.com website.


Indie Pop band uses podcasting to keep fans informed, for product launch and for increased sales.

LittleSmasher provides indie-pop outfit 'Loopy' with a conduit to their interested followers: The Loopy Groupies.

With 'gig alerts' and 'album launches', this form of communication has been directly responsible for increased album sales and gig attendance thanks to the superior quality and content of the LittleSmasher podcasts.

IP Config

A Business Management Consultancy who needed to keep their investors familiar with key personnel and operational strategies. The podcasts were also seen as a way of reassuring new and current clients that IP Config were focused on them.